This page presents two overlapping workshops held jointly by the Centre of Computational Statistics and Machine Learning and the Astrophysics Group of the Department of Physics and Astronomy
at University College London. The workshops aim to bring together computer scientists and cosmologists to explore the application of computational statistics and machine learning techniques to data analysis problems in cosmology.

Cosmology Meets Machine Learning Workshop
Tue 3 May - Wed 4 May
  • Cosmologists learn about the latest techniques from computer scientists.
  • Computer scientists learn about new data analysis problems in cosmology.
  • Introduce more computer scientists to GREAT10 (Wed 4pm - 5pm).

GREAT10 Workshop
Wed 4 May 4pm onwards: Introduction and update on the GREAT10 PASCAL Challenge
Thu 5 May: GREAT10 unconference (no formal talks, programme is set according to interest)
Fri 6 May: Room, power supplies, internet and coffee/biscuits available.
  • Compare notes on existing results from GREAT10 star and galaxy challenges, especially the training data.

Remote participation
Available for the Wednesday afternoon (2-5pm BST) including the GREAT10 session aimed at newcomers (4pm-5pm BST).

Please email by 18 April with your name, arrival and departure times.
Due to space limitations it may not be possible to fit everyone in, so we will contact you asap with confirmation.

Local Organising Committee
Joe Zuntz, Michael Hirsch, Tomasz Kacprzak, Barney Rowe, Lisa Voigt, Sarah Bridle

Scientific Organising Committee
Tom Kitching, Frederic Courbin, John Shawe-Taylor, Bernhard Schölkopf, Mark Girolami, Michael Hirsch, Sarah Bridle